Audiobook: Synchronicities and the Studio

My teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins, would always say, “You’ll have what you need when you need it.”

But there was a catch: I had to let go of my attempts to ‘make’ things happen.  The ego likes to strive, to plan, to make things happen on its timeline!  I was raised by industrious parents who grew up in poverty during the Great Depression. They instilled a strong ego drive in me: “Success comes to those who work hard.”  Their work ethic served me well in the world.  I achieved several degrees, including a Ph.D. at an Ivy League school, and became a professor with tenure.

At 39, I met my teacher and he introduced me to a totally different way of living.  It was surrender, not striving.  Alignment with the Higher Self means that your life will be ‘guided’, not planned.  At first, I found it very challenging to have patience and to trust the unfoldment coming from another place.

However, my teacher’s path of surrender became real for me while writing the book, The Power of Love.  At every turn, synchronicities occurred that brought the encounters and the means necessary to complete the book.  Obviously, I was an instrument and not ‘author’ for the book! Those synchronicities continue….

It was published in print in 2019.  People started to ask for an audiobook. We understood why – the book is heavy and hard to handle.  So there was always the intention to do an audiobook, but . . . it had to wait until the right circumstances presented themselves.

I watched and waited.

In 2020, a college student named Megan Eslamboly enrolled in one of my classes.  She was the radio station manager at KDAWG studio on campus.  Amazingly, she also had a personal connection with Betty J. Eadie, one of the contributors to the book.  I appreciated her delightful personality and keen mind.  I remember thinking, “We will be working together one day.”

A few months later, Megan and I started recording chapters of the book in the studio. She is the perfect person for the job, and it was the perfect timing – with the pandemic in full swing and the studio quiet.

It is a great blessing to do what we love with the people we love.

Here is a video of us at KDAWG Studio in December, 2021.  We are recording Chapter 17, “Moon Cabin.”

—Fran Grace, author of The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World, a book of life’s journey with endless synchronicities.

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