Christmas Remembrance – “The Face of God”

Journal Entry, Dec. 2010. We had our annual “Christmas Gathering” with the local students of my spiritual teacher, Dr. Hawkins.  He gave us a beautiful teaching on what Christmas truly is…

Even in Devastating Deaths, Love is there

Two years ago, a woman from Ireland showed up in the online course called “Healing and Wholeness.”  She attended the class, even though it was in the middle of the night for her!  Her name is Caroline McGuigan.

Story of Phyllis Kaplan, 92

Today, Phyllis Kaplan turns 92.  I met Phyllis in an online course that I was teaching at the University based on The Power of Love book, and at the end of the first class meeting, she asked if she could sing a song to us.

Power of Love Radio Show with TJ and Taj Jackson

Yesterday, on June 30 2021, Belvie Rooks and I had the joy of being on a weekly radio show hosted by TJ and Taj Jackson, and the DeeDee Jackson Foundation, which was created in honor of their mother who was murdered when they were young.