Hidden Treasures by Diane

“If you are irritated by every rub,

how will you ever be polished?” ~Rumi

Each rock has a hidden beauty.
I begin with a large piece of rough rock.
I cut it open to find its natural traits.
No two rocks are alike on the inside.
I shape and tumble them in grit for many weeks.
The polishing process is long, but always
the rock’s hidden beauty is revealed.
Finally, I wrap each rock in wire, enhancing its
unique patterns for you to have as a symbol of
your inborn beauty—a hidden treasure.

—Diane Eller-Boyko

Note:  Diane has donated all of her handcrafted pieces to Inner Pathway.  They can be given as a gift, worn as jewelry, placed on an altar, hung in a car or on a wall.  We made this video of her process, at the beginning of the pandemic when she began her work with rocks.  Over the years, she was invited to display her pieces in the gallery at the Art Association of Redlands, California, on State Street, but the purpose was never about art shows.  Rather, the purpose was to bring out beauty where it had been hidden, and to give the pieces away as a way to share that stream of energy that has the power to transform.