Recent Books


The Power of Love - forthcoming in 2018

Love is the greatest power in the universe.  Inspired by a life-changing encounter with love, Fran Grace went on a journey to learn more about its power to transform and heal us. She interviewed renowned spiritual teachers, scientists, activists, and artists.  They were selected with the help of her spiritual teacher who verified their capacity to transmit love through the pages.  The book gives an account of these conversations and their impact on her journey.  Readers will find many ways to tap into the least utilized resource on the planet: the human capacity to love.      


Book Cover: Meditation in the Classroom

Meditation and the Classroom (State University of New York Press, 2011)

Edited by Judith Simmer-Brown and Fran Grace, this book is the first of its kind to present a thorough-going contemplative pedagogy across many different types of institutions, faculty orientations, and classroom settings.   It highlights the use of mindfulness, meditation, self-inquiry, nature observation, yoga, and other methods that illumine the higher self or silent witness within a student’s awareness.  Self-knowledge, enhanced attention, ethical cultivation, psychological stabilization, life balance, academic success, and compassion for self and others are a few of the positive outcomes.   Paperback: $29.95