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Gratitude: Love in Everyday Life

This video shows the power of love in everyday life.  It is common to look at our life and see what is lacking.  Yet when we look through the eyes of gratitude, we see that our life is rich with love and support.  

Sound track is the Gratitude Meditation from "The Power of Love:  Guided Meditations of the Heart" CD from Inner Pathway.  All images are from Fran's everday life of family, friends, and work.

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"Hearts in Tandem"

Belvie Rooks and Dedan Gills are the Co-Founders of Growing a Global Heart.  This is an excerpt from their interview with Fran Grace for the forthcoming book, The Power of Love.  

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The “Enemy” is Ignorance, not a Person

Dr. Grace and some of her students discuss compassion for those who oppress us.  She explains that the “enemy” is ignorance, not another person.

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Loving Kindness – How to Cultivate It?

Dr. Grace discusses the meditation practice of Loving Kindness. From “A Semester Within: Exploring Meditation” DVD.

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Meditation Relieves Anxiety

Dr. Grace explains how meditation relieves and heals anxiety disorders. From “A Semester Within: Exploring Meditation” DVD

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Four College Students Discuss the Benefits of Meditation

Students in Dr. Grace’s academic courses talk about their experiences with meditation and its benefits in many areas of life. From “A Semester Within: Exploring Meditation” DVD.

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Tonglen (Taking and Giving) – A Meditation Practice for Crisis Situations

Dr. Grace shares a powerful experience of relational healing with this meditation practice from Tibetan Buddhism.

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Dr. Grace describes a catalytic experience of Light at age 15. From “Exploring the Mystics” DVD.

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Hafiz – Awakened by Love

Dr. Grace tells the story of Sufi mystic Hafiz and his awakening to God through love. From “Exploring the Mystics” DVD.

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Maple Tree: Enlightenment Depends upon Countless Conditions

Dr. Grace likens the moment of Enlightenment to a maple tree in her backyard where the glorious red splendor of its fall leaves emerged because of countless unseen conditions. From “Exploring the Mystics” DVD.

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Beyond the Illusions of Ordinary Life

Dr. Grace explains that the ordinary adult view of the world is illusory. From the mystic point of view, it’s as if most people are like children who believe in Santa Claus. Though our worldly accomplishments may be impressive, the mystic beckons us on: “Sweetheart, still further you must go…” From “Exploring the Mystics” DVD.

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Spontaneous Revelations

Dr. Grace recalls two unexpected experiences of seeing the Light around people and how “mystic” moments are completely spontaneous, not the result of our effort or craving. From “Exploring the Mystics” DVD.

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