Fran Grace on Caroline’s Corner Caroline speaks with Fran Grace today. They enter a deep conversation, speaking freely from the heart about the pain and the joy of life. Just like life itself—there is […]

Interview with Luisa on Passion Harvest

She had an experience of Light. Dr. Fran Grace is the founding director of Inner Pathway, as well as Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Redlands. Fran’s teacher […]

This Desolate Hill Became a Forest

Fran Grace shares how this barren hill at her home was transformed into a little forest. The same principles can be applied to our own inner nature. She is the […]

Planting a Seed, Parallels the Soul’s Journey Spiritual axiom: “Plant a tree, even if it is your last deed and you will not live to sit under its shade.” Dr. Fran Grace, in her backyard, describes […]

What Trees Teach Us Fran Grace is in her garden under a huge fig tree. What does the tree teach us about letting go? When it’s time for the leaves to let go, […]

Thanksgiving Reflection Fran Grace shares a short reflection for Thanksgiving … What would it be like to be grateful for the ‘difficult’ things in life? Can we see the hidden gift […]

Fran Grace Welcomes You Fran Grace welcomes you into a back garden where the Inner Pathway office is. She asks us to think about kindness toward others—people, plants, animals, the Earth. Whom do […]