Changing the World from the Inside-Out

“You don’t need to change jobs – you just need to change how you’re looking at it.”

That’s what my spiritual teacher told me, many years ago.  I was unhappy with my academic job.  I thought my life would be better if I went into the healing arts profession – something more “holistic.”  But he told me that happiness wasn’t something ‘out there’; it was all in how I approached the situation.

Thanks to that guidance, I didn’t change careers, I simply changed how I viewed my job.  I began to teach meditation and other contemplative courses at my university. “Holistic” was the approach I took, caring for the mind-body-spirit-heart of the students.  Then, in 2007, we opened our Meditation Program.  Here’s a short (5-min) video of our program “changing the world from the inside-out.”

Often it’s not the situation that causes our suffering, but how we’re looking at it.  And who’s in charge of that?  We are.

—Dr. Fran Grace, Steward of the Meditation Program at the University of Redlands