Alexander Vesely

Alexander Vesely is a featured contributor to our book, The Power of Love. He is an award-winning filmmaker. He was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1974, and is Viktor Frankl’s only grandson. Alex’s talent was noted at an early age, as soon as he discovered the value of filmmaking while watching home movies. Some of his earliest video footage was taken of his grandfather, who bought Alex his first video camera. He trained and worked as a psychotherapist, and this psychological depth is apparent in his films. Vesely has directed many short films, commercials, and documentaries, but is most proud of Viktor & I, which won several prestigious film awards in the United States, including the Diamond Award for the Best Documentary at the California Film Awards. You can see the film Viktor & I online at Vimeo.  Another film, Wizard of the Desert, is about the American psychiatrist and medical hypnotist Milton Erikson, whose life’s work began at a young age. Paralyzed by polio and expected to die, Erikson discovered inner mechanisms of mind to reactivate healthy body function. This film has received rave reviews. Alex is working on a new documentary entitled Pioneer of Meaning. 

And to learn about Alex’s online classes and other efforts to carry on Viktor Frankl’s work in Logotherapy, visit the website for the Viktor Frankl Institute.

Here is a recent interview on YouTube with Caroline McGuigan.

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