Betty J. Eadie

Betty J. Eadie is a contributor to our award-winning book, The Power of Love.  She is the author of Embraced by the Light, which stayed at #1 on The New York Times Bestseller List for 78 weeks. The book recounted her near-death experience (NDE), considered by leaders in the field to be singular in its details and depth.  Raymond Moody, M.D., author of Life After Life, viewed Eadie’s as the most comprehensive and profound NDE ever recorded. Betty’s second book, The Awakening Heart,was also a bestseller; her third book is The Ripple Effect. 

She became an overnight celebrity, invited by all the major TV networks to share her experience. Her books have been translated into forty languages and continue to have a profound effect on a wide variety of readers, bringing hope and love where none existed. She founded her own publishing company, Onjinjinkta Press, to make available the unique account of Roy Mills’s pre-birth memories in The Soul’s Remembrance. 

Born to a full-blooded Lakota Sioux mother in Valentine, Nebraska, Betty spent her early childhood on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. In the wake of her NDE, she returned to her Native American spiritual roots, studied psychology, and completed her training in clinical hypnotherapy. She opened a practice to help people heal from trauma and other difficulties through mind integration. Mother of eight, grandmother and great-grandmother of many, she continues to share her knowledge and healing wisdom with countless people through inspiring podcasts and presentations. Learn more at Betty’s Personal Website.

Betty’s latest news: she is working on a movie, based on her book Embraced by the Light. Click here for information.

Betty has also served as the spiritual advisor for The Indigenous Institute.