Mary Cimiluca

Mary Cimiluca is a featured contributor to our award-winning book, The Power of Love. She is CEO and co-founder of Noetic Films, Inc. (with A. Vesely), Frankl family representative, is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and radio talk show host. For thirty years she has incubated, developed, and managed several small businesses. She serves on the Advisory Council for the Statue of Responsibility, a monument project envisioned by Viktor Frankl. Throughout her life, she had several encounters with Frankl; however, it wasn’t until Mary met Alexander Vesely in 2008, after surviving serial life challenges, that she grasped the “meaning” of those encounters. Her passion has shifted to helping others uncover the meaning in their own lives. She has now launched an unexpected career in film production, learning from some of the best teachers in Hollywood, including Suzanne Lyons, past President of Women in Film International and the Hollywood Film Institute. In 2010, Mary Cimiluca joined with Alex Vesely to establish Noetic Films, Inc. to produce and distribute films with depth, meaning, and substance. She is the producer for Viktor & I and Wizard of the Desert,which opened in Anaheim, California, to a sold-out crowd of 1,675 fans. Her unique expertise and out-of-box approaches resulted in full funding for both documentaries. Where others see obstacles, Mary sees possibilities.

Note: Mary passed away from this world on Thanksgiving Day 2018, just after the television program RISE with Cheryl Hunter aired its segment about Mary: RISE show on Mary Cimiluca (12 min. video)

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