Even in Devastating Deaths, Love is there

Two years ago, a woman from Ireland showed up in the online course called “Healing and Wholeness.”  She attended the class, even though it was in the middle of the night for her!  Her name is Caroline McGuigan.

At the first class meeting, I asked the participants to share why they signed up.  I will never forget what Caroline said.  Her husband had recently been murdered.  He died in a pool of blood on the floor of a pub, in her arms.  Despite the horror of the situation, she saw her husband’s face melt with love as he died.

After his death, Caroline reached out to a friend who was an expert in bereavement, and this friend told her about the class.  She felt a resonance and signed up.  Caroline’s sharing throughout the class was profound.  There are no words that suffice. Little did I know that, within a year, my lovemate and I would face the sudden passing of her 29-year-old son to Covid.  Guess who was there as a friend?  Caroline.  We knew she understood – there are no words.

Now Caroline is offering a space for meaningful conversations on her podcast, “Caroline’s Corner.”

On Episode 9, Caroline and I have a dialogue about our journeys:

“Caroline’s Corner” Podcast, Episode 9

In the podcast, we discuss death, the joy of living, and the e-book, “Love is Forever,” which includes Caroline as an example of the human capacity to endure tragedy and share something meaningful with others out of one’s own suffering.

—Dr. Fran Grace, author of Love is Forever, and also The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World.  For more information on her “Healing and Wholeness” online course, see the video preview.



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