Hidden Treasures by Diane

“If you are irritated by every rub,

how will you ever be polished?” ~Rumi

Each rock has a hidden beauty.
I begin with a large piece of rough rock.
I cut it open to find its natural traits.
No two rocks are alike on the inside.
I shape and tumble them in grit for many weeks.
The polishing process is long, but always
the rock’s hidden beauty is revealed.
Finally, I wrap each rock in wire, enhancing its
unique patterns for you to have as a symbol of
your inborn beauty—a hidden treasure.

—Diane Eller-Boyko

Note:  Diane has donated all of her handcrafted pieces to Inner Pathway.  They can be given as a gift, worn as jewelry, placed on an altar, hung in a car or on a wall.  We made this video of her process, at the beginning of the pandemic when she began her work with rocks.  She also has copper-wire pieces for sale in the gallery at the Art Association of Redlands, California, on State Street.