Ordering Information

Website Purchases:

U.S. customers may easily purchase books and DVDs/CDs from our website store, via secure online payment. Orders are processed within 1 business day, with free shipping via USPS, and a tracking number is sent to you by email.

International Purchases:

Email your order request and include shipping address: orders@innerpathway.com.  We will email you an invoice, with shipping cost added to the total. Once it’s paid via credit card, we will ship your order.  First class shipping takes 6-10 days.

Group Discount:

Due to requests to use The Power of Love book in group settings—book clubs, religious groups, spiritual study groups, retreat centers, monasteries, recovery groups— we offer a 30% discount rate if your group purchases 10 or more. Instead of 34.95, it is 25.00 per book.

To request this group discount: 1) send an email to orders@innerpathway.com; 2) in the subject line, write Group Discount Rate; 3) in the body of the email, give the name and location of your group, and also the name, email address, and mailing address of the contact person who will pay for the order and receive the shipment.  We will email you an invoice for the books, which you can pay with a credit card, paypal or check payment. As soon as your payment is received, we’ll ship your books or schedule a pick-up/ delivery.

Wholesale Discount for Bookstores:

Call 909-478-4802.  Or email:  orders@innerpathway.com.

55% off retail price. Orders are prepaid. Shipping paid by customer. F.O.B. Redlands, CA 92373.  Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.

Note: **In order to qualify for our Wholesale Discounts, a Resale number is required.**

Claims: Claims on damaged goods or short shipments must be made by buyer within ten (10) days of receipt. Claims on defective goods such as misprints, missing pages, page misalignments, pages out of order, and so on must be made within 30 days of invoice date.

Library Discount:

60% off retail price for university, college, seminary and public libraries.  Contact:  orders@innerpathway.com.