Beyond Suffering of the Ego by Swami Chidatmanandha

Author: Swami Chidatmanada
Publisher: ©Chinmaya Seva Trust
E-book edition
376 pages
Published September, 2021

Note: This book is non-commercial in nature and is meant for free circulation. For any queries or permission to reproduce content from this book, please contact:

Chinmaya Seva Trust / Chinmaya Mission Hyderabad
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This is a book that clarifies the way out of the suffering of ego, uniquely presented by Swami Chidatmanandha of India, widely appreciated for his concise and radiant expressions of Vedanta wisdom.  Available as a PDF download, at no charge, thanks to the generosity of Swamiji and the Chinmaya Mission.  You’ll receive the download link by email, as soon as you go through checkout.

  • About the Author
  • Gratitude
  • Preface
  • Cause of Suffering
  • Source of Suffering
  • Change Is Suffering
  • Consciousness vs Ego
  • Twelve Steps to Liberation
  • Meditation in Advaita Vedanta
  • Jiva Sakshi Atma
  • God the Inner Witness
  • Reality of Relationships
  • How to Know God?
  • Inward Self vs Intellect and Ego
  • Subject ‘I’ vs Object ‘You’
  • Crystal Clear Mind
  • Anvaya- Vyatireka-Real vs Unreal
  • The Fall and Rise of Consciousness
  • The Last Step to Realisation