Love is Forever e-Book

Love is Forever traverses the heart’s journey of loss and love, graced with stories of hope and landscapes of beauty. 109 pages.

NOTE:  This book is by donation, minimum of $15. All proceeds from this e-book are dedicated to dear friend and beloved pastor, Rev. Dr. Jill Kirchner-Rose and her family, as they face a difficult medical challenge.



From the back cover:

Love is Forever takes you on a journey to the center of grief where, mysteriously, Love awaits.  Dr. Fran Grace and her lovemate, Diane Eller-Boyko, share the personal experience of losing their son at age 29.  His unexpected death was followed by several other losses in quick succession, leaving them heartbroken.

Through artistic images and storytelling, they reveal the shattering of their life into broken pieces . . . and their slow and soulful movements to allow something beautiful to emerge out of those broken pieces.

This personal narrative is just one thread within the universal story of loss and love.  Who has not suffered loss, and who does not long for love?  This book will resonate with anyone experiencing grief, heartbreak, illness, or any kind of difficult life passage.

“We hope that our story inspires the opening of hearts and loving kindness toward self and others.”



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