Sundarakanda ‘Beautiful Values’

Author: Swami Chidatmanada
Publisher: ©Chinmaya Seva Trust
E-book edition
580 pages
Published August, 2022

Note: This book is non-commercial in nature and is meant for free circulation. For any queries or permission to reproduce content from this book, please contact:

Chinmaya Seva Trust / Chinmaya Mission Hyderabad
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This book will inspire you to live in alignment with truly beautiful values, uniquely presented by Swami Chidatmanandha of India, widely appreciated for his concise and radiant expressions of Vedanta wisdom.  Available as a PDF download, at no charge, thanks to the generosity of Swamiji and the Chinmaya Mission.  You’ll receive the download link by email, as soon as you go through checkout. 






  • The Pathway to Happiness
  • Source of Perennial Happiness
  • Seva Bhava
  • Foster Human Qualities and Be Divine
  • Being in Self Serve the Lord
  • How to Face Life
  • Three Main Obstacles in the Path of Success
  • Yoga of Relationships
  • The Four Purusharthas
  • Beauty of the Being
  • Satwa and Satgunas
  • The Journey of a Sadhaka
  • The Four Qualities of a Sadhaka
  • Overcoming Grief
  • Pure Love
  • How to Remain Calm in All Circumstances
  • Ring That Removes the Suffering
  • Divine Romance
  • Bondage to Bliss
  • Complete Surrender
  • Union of Part With the Whole

Om Tat Sat

Sri Ramarpanam Astu