Fran Grace and Belvie Rooks on “The Power of Love” with TJ and Taj Jackson

Belvie Rooks is editor and co-author, with Dedan Gills, of I Give You the Springtime of My Blushing Heart: A Poetic Love Song, and she is featured in The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World. Belvie is an essayist, educator and human rights and social justice activist whose work weaves the worlds of spirituality, feminism and, ecology. Meeting Dr. Martin Luther King and hearing his message on the “power of love” as a teenager at a weekend high school retreat had a profoundly lasting and transformative impact on Belvie’s understanding of and commitment to human and civil rights.

Dr. Fran Grace, Ph.D., is founding director of Inner Pathway, as well as Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Redlands (CA), where she has created a meditation program for college students and lifelong learners. She has appeared on CSPAN and NPR, and has received many awards, including a Pew Fellowship from Yale University. In 2004, a life crisis opened her up to the spiritual side of life, and it was then that she met her spiritual teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins.  He taught her to respect the core teachings of all spiritual traditions. In 2008, as per his guidance, she created Inner Pathway, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the “inner pathway” common to all religions: love, joy, forgiveness, hope, humor, and beauty. Fran’s latest book, The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World (2019) was a Silver Award winner in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards for “Best Inspirational Books in 2019” and has been received well by reviewers: “a masterpiece,” “splendid and moving narrative,” “reveals love in all of its facets.” This book was born out of her grief over the death of her beloved teacher.  Before he died, he instructed her to interview key people who would teach her about “the power of love,” and in doing so, he helped her to turn her grief into hope.  Belvie Rooks is one of the people interviewed in The Power of Love book.  Belvie and Fran met in a highly synchronistic way—‘this is destiny’!