Fran Grace and Megan Eslamboly: Behind the Scenes with “The Power of Love” Audiobook

Inside the recording studio with Fran Grace, author, and Megan Eslamboly, station manager at KDAWG Radio Station, while they record the audiobook for THE POWER OF LOVE and talk about the inspiring journey of Megan’s family, Jews who fled from Iran during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Megan and Fran worked for 2 years, during the Covid pandemic, to complete this Audiobook. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Play, Audible, Nook and other platforms. You can listen to selected chapters on this YouTube playlist:

We are grateful to Megan for her work as production manager; to Travsonic for the final mastering; and to our 2 donors whose generous gifts funded the project.

Megan’s Story Maps:
Stories of the Sisters: Recounting the Travels that Brought My Family to America:
It Runs Through Me: My Lifelong Connection to Judaism:

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