Fran Grace on Caroline’s Corner

Caroline speaks with Fran Grace today. They enter a deep conversation, speaking freely from the heart about the pain and the joy of life. Just like life itself—there is no script! They reflect on the synchronicities that brought them together in an online course at the University of Redlands called “Paradigms of Healing and Wholeness” taught by Fran, based on THE POWER OF LOVE book. The book includes an interview with Alexander Vesely, the grandson of Viktor Frankl, and this became a golden thread for Caroline to follow in her journey. Fran shares the unforgettable experience of hearing Caroline speak in the class about her soulmate John, and his brutal murder. There are no words that suffice. Only holding space and bearing witness to each other. Little did Fran know that, within a year, she and her lovemate Diane would suffer the sudden passing of their 29-year-old son to Covid. Fran and Caroline discuss the e-book, LOVE IS FOREVER, that Fran and Diane wrote to describe their journey with that grief. It affirms the human capacity to nurture life and to find meaning and beauty—even in the most devastating circumstances. The e-book includes Caroline as an example of this capacity to endure tragedy and share something meaningful with others out of one’s own suffering. Fran shares about the role of the Death Doula and overcoming fear of death. She and Caroline reflect on how freeing it is to offer something without needing anything back.