Rock Polishing and the Process of Transformation

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?”—Rumi, Sufi poet.

Diane Eller-Boyko and Fran Grace share a powerful process that helped them get through one of the hardest periods of their life.

When Diane’s son died suddenly of Covid at age 29, it plunged her into a painful and lost place. She was intuitively drawn inward, to work with rocks – What could be more fundamental to the Creator than the very sediment of Mother Earth—rock?

Diane and Fran converted their earthen basement into a rock workshop, and then big machinery started to arrive—huge saws, sanders, grinders, polishers, and tumblers! They went on rock-hunting trips to find rocks from different regions around the world.

And then for two years, Diane poured her energy into uncovering the hidden beauty of each rock. She learned how to work all of the machinery on her own—sawing the rocks open, shaping them, grinding and sanding them, and then putting them into the tumblers to polish them, with the right measure and variety of ‘grit’.

Here’s the thing: In order to shine, each rock goes through many weeks of being grinded, sanded, and tumbled with grit.

Diane and Fran learned:
Life is our greatest teacher… if we are open to its lessons and open to being “polished” by its grit.

Our relationships and life struggles evolve us, if we are willing. They are like the “grit” that transforms a rough rock into a beautiful polished piece of art. This process cannot be rushed—It takes the time it takes!

Special thanks to the children: Madelynn, Kairos, and Daniella.

Fran and Diane gave most of these rock pieces away during the pandemic, but some of Diane’s pieces were displayed at Redlands Art Gallery in 2022-2023. To see remaining pieces, see the webpage: “Hidden Treasures by Diane”: