Inner Pathway


The Institute for Contemplative Life is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501c3 organization created by Dr. Fran Grace in 2008, as directed by her teacher.

Inner Pathway is our organization’s trade name.


Our purpose is to relieve suffering by supporting the “inner pathway” of all who come to us.  By ‘inner pathway’, we refer to the innate qualities of the human spirit: love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, inner peace, beauty, and humor.

When these inner qualities are activated in a person, they bring healing and wholeness—not only to the individual person, but also to the Earth and people around them—just as one lamp lights up an entire room!

We foster these inner qualities by presenting the teachings of diverse verified spiritual paths in a way that is of practical benefit. We do this through offering private sessions in Spiritual Direction, publication of unique books, podcasts, films, classes, retreats, workshops, recovery groups, and weekly meditation gatherings.

The inner pathway is timeless and open to all, free of dogma, dues, or membership.  These inner capacities are the goal of every religion, yet religion is not required to access them because they lie within each person.

(We do not offer editing services or accept unsolicited manuscripts.)