Spiritual Direction

What is It?

Spiritual direction provides a compassionate space for the Soul to be heard.  It is a process of Self-discovery and guidance that affirms the spiritual freedom and inner wisdom of the directee.

For general information about spiritual direction: Spiritual Directors International website.

With Whom?

Fran Grace is a certified spiritual director (since 2000).  She received her three-year training from the Spirituality Center of Mount Saint Mary’s College (Archdiocese of L.A.).  Her approach is contemplative, drawing on deep experiential knowledge of diverse religious traditions and spiritual paths.  She finds it especially meaningful to work with the dreams of the directee, as they come from the person’s own depths.


Dr. Grace sees people only in person at her office in Redlands, California, not via internet or phone.


If you would like more information about spiritual direction with Fran Grace, please send an email to info@innerpathway.com, with a brief statement as to your interest.


For those seeking psychological guidance in addition to support for their Soul, we recommend Diane Eller-Boyko, a certified Jungian analyst, R.N., L.C.S.W. She has clients around the world and is available for either phone sessions or in-person visits.

Website: http://www.dianeellerboykolcsw.com/SoulWork.en.html

Email:   deboyko@aol.com

Phone:  909-798-1925