CDs & DVDs

Exploring the Mystics

In 2008, Fran Grace was directed by her teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins, to give lectures on the Mystics.  This 4-disc live video series is the first lecture she gave in order to fulfill her teacher’s directive.  The lecture series explores the intense inner quest, teachings, and the culminating spiritual realizations by mystics found in every religion.  Available in digital streaming here at Vimeo on Demand.

Exploring Compassion – 2010

This is a 3-disc live lecture video on the topic of Compassion, exploring what the various religions and science teach about it.

A Semester Within: Inside a Contemplative Classroom – 2008 Film

Does meditation help college students? This 50-minute documentary film takes you inside one of the country’s first contemplative classrooms to explore this question. The University of Redlands opened its Meditation Room in the Fall of 2007.  This film is also available as a digital rental with bonus features, through Vimeo On Demand for $9.99.

The Power of Love: Christian And Sufi Mystics – 100 Min. DVD

In this heartfelt and enlightening program, Dr. Fran Grace explores the teachings of several Christian and Sufi mystics on the significance of Love in the evolution of consciousness.

Power of Love: Interviews With Living Mystics – 100 Min. DVD

Dr. Fran Grace shares some gems on the teachings of Love from several living spiritual leaders of diverse traditions.  Available in digital format at Vimeo On Demand.

Power of Love: Guided Meditations of the Heart – 60 Min.

CD or Download option.  Dr. Fran Grace leads seven guided meditations that awaken and expand the energy of the heart, through words and music.