Heart Matters Radio Show

Change is an inside job — and it begins with the heart. Join Fran Grace as she explores this inner-outer link through stories, guided meditations, and interviews with people on the frontline of heart-based activism. This show is produced by Shapari Samimi at the KDAWG Radio Station of the University of Redlands, CA.

EPISODE ONE (February 2017)

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Interview with Megan McFeely, director and producer of AS SHE IS, a beautiful award-winning film about our vital connection to the Earth, human relatedness, and the deep resources within. In the film, we follow the story of McFeely, a former executive in the software industry. Megan’s life in the fast lane crashes to a halt when three tragedies happen in three weeks. The film shows Megan on a spiritual journey to recover the lost parts of herself, which are also the lost parts of our culture – the inner life, intuition, creativity, collaboration, and tending to the web of life.

EPISODE TWO (April 2017)

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Fran Grace reflects on the legacy of Mother Teresa’s teaching, “Do Small Things with Great Love,” as she has witnessed it in her Compassion course, taught to college students since 2005. Though not Catholic, Fran has been to the Missionaries of Charity motherhouse in Calcutta and was honored to attend the Canonization of Mother Teresa in Rome (2016). In this segment, she interviews four graduating seniors who give moving accounts of how they applied Mother Teresa’s teaching in their community service assignment for the Compassion course.

Sydney Bennett – homeless youth. Sydney Finkbohner – hospice. Caitlin Bozner – Miss Amazing pageant, children with cancer, veterans, teenagers with body image struggles. Olivia Tassanari – hospice.

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