Fran Grace

Dr. Fran Grace

Dr. Fran Grace serves as founding director of Inner Pathway, as well as Professor of Religious Studies and Steward of the Meditation Room at the University of Redlands (CA), where she has pioneered a contemplative approach to university education.  A recent innovation is an inter-generational seminar on Compassion, open to learners of all ages.

Following her Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary (1997), she has received numerous recognitions for her teaching and research into spiritual life, including appearances on CSPAN and NPR.  The first part of her career explored the downside of religion (intolerance and judgmentalism).

Beginning in 2004, following a major life event and meeting her spiritual teacher, there was a shift in focus.  Her life and current work are dedicated to the “inner pathway” common to all religions:  truth, compassion, inner peace, joy, unconditional love, humor, and beauty.

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