Father Pavlos of Sinai

Father Pavlos of Sinai, born in 1939, is a featured contributor to our book, The Power of Love.  He spent many decades as an ascetic priestmonk of the Greek Orthodox Church, immersed in the Hesychast tradition of the Sinai desert.  He passed away from this world in 2020, as described in this beautiful article.

A graduate of the School of Theology at the University of Athens, Father Pavlos settled at St. Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest Christian monastery in continuous operation, situated on the holy ground of the Burning Bush at the “God-trodden Mountain of Sinai” in Egypt.  The sixth-century monastery is home to the second largest collection of ancient manuscripts in the world, as well as its most important collection of Byzantine icons. 

Revered as an icon of the ageless tradition he represents, Father Pavlos spoke extensively throughout the United States during visits from 2010–12, where his message of simplicity and the monastery’s example of peaceful coexistence with Bedouin neighbors struck a chord in times of chaos and inter-religious conflict.

He is steeped in the rhythm of prayer and liturgy of the ancient Orthodox tradition, while his presence conveys the inner peace that radiates only from the depths of intimacy with God.  He is featured in the film Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer.  There remains an active community where he lived for 40 years in the Sinai desert at  St. Catherine’s Monastery of Sinai.